Assorted scribblings of a dog-eared music journalist

Melody Maker | Album | 8 August 1992


This is what rock music is all about.

This is rock played by people with greasy locks and unsightly warts, not patiently overgrown college-kid haircuts or mascara. This is rock played by people who wear oily denims and leathers, not freshly laundered Sub Pop T-shirts or nancy boy headbands. This is rock as heard on jukeboxes in scummy Miidlands pubs, not in stadiums. The only reason Slash from Guns N' Roses was asked to help out on one track was because he'd promised to give Lemmy free grog. 

"March Or Die" is identical to every other Motorhead album. You know what that means. Lemmy still eats crushed glass for breakfast and breaks bass strings as though they were thin threads of cotton. He still ties granny knots in them rather than change them. His drummer and guitarist are still forced to play at full volume to stand any chance of being heard. He still writes lines like "Fill your day with piss and smoke / The wolf waits at your door" under titles such as "Hellraiser", "Bad Religion" and "You Better Run". I should also probably mention that there's a cover of Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" and, as well as Slash, a special guest appearance from Ozzy Osbourne. 

It doesn't matter a bit that "March Or Die" is complete crap, of course. Not now everyone has worn out their copy of "Ace Of Spades".

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