Assorted scribblings of a dog-eared music journalist


Info Freako was a weekly Q&A on all things music. I edited the section – and answered most of the queries – from its launch in 1992 until I left the paper in 1995

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THE BEATLES The story of the Fab Four's 1960s merchandising licences (1994)
BOB DYLAN Rewinding the spools of "The Basement Tapes" (1995)
BRIAN ENO Explorations and adventures beyond the world of music (1994)
CEDELLA MARLEY BOOKER Bob Marley's mum's brief recording career (1994)
HEAD "If we hadn't split up, there would probably have been some funerals" (1993)
HENRY ROLLINS From hardcore singer to hardcore writer (1993)
JOHNNY THUNDERS The mysterious death of the New York Doll (1994)
LED ZEPPELIN Behind the scenes of "The Song Remains The Same" (1994)
LIFERS GROUP Crime rhyme doesn't get much more real than this (1993)
MICHAEL STIPE The R.E.M. frontman's long-lost solo album (1992)
THE ORB Dr Alex Paterson on the group's many hidden and obscure samples (1993)
OZRIC TENTACLES Whatever you do, don't smoke the record sleeve (1993)
THE PORK DUKES "Melody Maker – you're just a bunch of wankers" (1993)
SANDIE SHAW Unravelling a strange message from an angel (1995)
SID VICIOUS Tracking down the punk icon's final resting place (1992)
SUEDE Brett Anderson talks about the cover artwork of the group's early singles (1992)
TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND Behind the masks of the global fusionists (1993)
2 LIVE CREW The legal actions brought against "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" (1994)
A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE JUKEBOX Buddy, can you spare me a dime? (1994)
"TOP OF THE POPS" ALBUMS Where Marc Bolan isn't Marc Bolan (1994)
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